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V. String Theory

from by John Mayrose



V: 1981, Supersymmetrical String Theories:

The final movement is string theory proper, a theory first proposed by Michael Green and John Schwarz that states that every particle and force is actually made from the same type of string vibrating in eleven dimensions. Differences in the tension and vibrational frequency of the string determine different particles and forces. The mathematics of string theory proved to be much too difficult for me to understand, not to mention conceiving of music in eleven dimensions. However, as a guitarist, I do understand strings, and in this movement, I imagined a very large string stretching through the entire ensemble with the first violin at one end and the oboe at the other. Plucking the string at each end sends a vibration across all the players, resulting in a movement that consists entirely as a series of very close canons.


from String Theory, released October 21, 2006


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John Mayrose Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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